Frontline fighter ("9-12")

MIG-29 - one of the most widespread in the world fighters of fourth-generation. Yet and today it is on the armament of not only countries the CIS but also German Lyuvtvaffe, ВВС of Poland, Hungary and yet ten of the states of the world. Except exceptional manoeuvrability, MIG-29 has also a powerful armament. His rockets of Р-27, made on Kyiv POE " Artem", able to strike air aims on distances a to 80 kilometre, i.e. to conduct a fight outside eyeshot of pilots! On a museum variant the blocks of out of control rockets the volley of that is able to convert into a moonscape surface positions of enemy on an area in two hectares are suspended.

First flight: on October, 06, 1977
Crew: 1 person
Engines: Р- 33-2с, 2 х 8300 kgf
Length(with BSA) : a 17.32 m
Wingspan: a 11.36 m
An wing area covered: 38.1 м2
Flight weight: normal is 15 300 kg, maximal is 18 100 kg
High speed: 2450 km/h(M=2.35)
Practical ceiling: a 18 000 m
Distance of flight : 1430 kilometres(with PPB is 2100 kilometres)
Running approach/is a run: a 600/750 m
Armament: 30-мм cannon of GSh-301(180 projectiles), KR(R-27, Р-73, Р-60М), НАР, RBC, bombs by gross weight to 2000 kg.
Mass production: 1982-92 All is produced over 700 MIG-29 "9-12". 2000 to over 1500 airplanes were built MIG-29 all models that are on arming with Air Force of 19 states. Air Force of Ukraine in 1992 had 240 MIG-29.