Created at the end of 1947-15, MiG was the first soviet jet-fighter with an arrow-shaped wing and plumage. It had a very successful construction and extraordinarily powerful armament - three cannons, one projectile of that could destroy any hostile airplane. "The fifteenth" became the most popular fighting machine, "airplane - soldier" that was sincerely loved by pilots and enemies were afraid.

Only in the Korean war-time soviet pilots on them fluffed up 1097 airplanes of enemy the cost of loss 335 own machines. MIG-15 over 50 states of the world stood on arming with Air Force.

The exposition presents variant MIG-15 UTI, which over quarter of a century remained the basic "transitional" educational-battle airplane of soviet Air Force. 511 machines of this type were built in Ukraine, on Kharkov aviaplant.

First flight: on Mays, 23 1949
Crew: 1-2 persons
Engine: PD-by 45F traction 2270 kgf
Length: a 10.11 m
Wingspan: a 10.08 m
An wing area covered: 20.6 м2
Flight weight(normal) : 4850 kg
High speed: 1015 km/h(on height of 3 000 м)
Practical ceiling: a 14 625 m
Distance of flight : 950 kilometres(with PPB are 1420 kilometres)
Running approach/is a run: a 570/740 m
Armament: 12.7-мм machine gun of UBC-Е or And-12.7(1500 charges)
Mass production: 1950-1959 All is produced: 3433 UTI Moment-15(from them in Ukraine - 511 экз.) Airplanes of type Moment-15 all models in 1949-1959 are built: in the USSR - 13 131 copies, ЧССР - 2012 copies , To Poland - 1700 copies.
Stood on arming with Air Force over 50 countries.
Стояли на вооружении ВВС свыше 50 стран