Frontline fighter

MIG-17 was the improved variant of MIG -15. On it first in the USSR speed of sound was attained in horizontal flight. This fighter also militated actively - in all Arab-Israeli wars, on Cuba, in the Indo-Pakistani conflicts, and also in Vietnam, Africa etc.

First flight: on January, 14 1950
Crew: 1 person
Engine: BC-by 1А traction 2700 kgf
Length: a 11.264 m
Wingspan: a 9.63 m
An wing area covered: 22.6 м2
Flight weight(norms.) : 5200 kg
High speed: 1114 km/h(on height of 2 000 м)
Practical ceiling: a 14 700 m
Distance of flight : 1150 kilometres(with PPB are 1700 kilometres)
Running approach/is a run: a 540/840 m
Armament: a 1 cannon of Н-37,
2 cannons of НС-23, bombs(to 500 kg)
Mass production: 1952-55 All is produced 5467 Moment-17. In all it is built airplanes of type Moment-17:
40 countries stood on arming with Air Force.