Multipurpose Fighter

MIG-21 with a three-cornered wing and guided rocket armament is the most known fighter of the second half of ХХ century. Everywhere, where soviet and American interests clashed in the "cold war-time", MIG-21 was an exactly that "ferrous argument" that helped to decide disputies. 30 years over in rows he "resisted Air Force of countries "Socialistic camp" to the aggressive block of NATO". Nevertheless, life is rich on paradoxes: now airplanes Moment-21 guard sky... four countries NATO : Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic!

In collection of museum a fighter-interceptor is presented MIG-21PFM and air target of M-21М(in this variant they were reconditioned after the remove of armament).

First flight: 1962
Crew: 1 person
Engine: Р11F2 S - 300 by traction 6175 kgf(on forcing)
Length: a 14.1(with - 15.76) m
Wingspan: a 7.154 m
An wing area covered: 23 м2
Flight weight(normal) : 7820 kg
High speed: 2175 km/h(M=2.05)
Practical ceiling: a 19 000 m
Distance of flight : 1000 kilometres(with PPB are 1670 kilometres)
Running approach/is a run: a 360-430/420-500 m
Armament: 2 КР Р-3С, 23-мм cannon of GSh-23(suspended), НАР, RBC, bombs by gross weight to 1000 kg
Mass production: 1963-67 In 1959-1984 was built over 10 000 airplanes Moment-21 all models that were on arming with Air Force of 50 states. Ukrainian Air Force in 1992 had 35 airplanes of model МIG-21UМ.