Patrol-bomber ("02B")

A secret service agent is MIG-25RB - most rapid in the world of battle airplane. it is able to fly, three times exceeding speed of sound! A machine is equipped by two aerial cameras and able to carry to four tone of bombs. In future in a museum it is planned to create separate collection of all models of this prominent airplane.

First flight: on March, 06, 1964
Crew: 1 person
Engines: R-15B-300, 2 х 11 200 kgf
Length(with BSA) : a 21.55 m
Wingspan: a 13.38 m
An wing area covered: 58.9 m2
Flight weight: normal is 37 100 kg, maximal is 41 200 kg
High speed: 3000 km/h(M=2.9)
Practical ceiling: a 23 000 m
Distance of flight : 1860 kilometres(with PPB are 2400 kilometres)
Running approach/is a run: a 1200/800 m
Armament: aerial cameras And-70М, АFА-72, ON-75, And/Е-10, station of radiotechnical secret service of CРС-4А/, bombs by gross weight to 5000 kg
Mass production: 1969-85 All is produced 1186 airplanes of type Moment-25 all models that were on arming with Air Force of 10 states of the world. Ukrainian Air Force in 1992 had over 100 airplanes of type MIG-25.