Frontline fighter ("23-12")

MIG-23 is a machine of the third generation and one of the first soviet battle airplanes with the wing of removable geometry. Such wing improved flying and tactical properties, as gave an opportunity to connect high speed with the long-range of flight, manoeuvrability and good flight-landings descriptions. In collection three machines are presented from large " enough family" is a front-line fighter MIG-23ML, and two created on his base of fighter-bomber is MIG-23BМ and MIG-27К. The last got the most difficult in the class radio electronic equipment and wide spectrum of high-fidelity armaments.

First flight: on November, 17, 1972
Crew: 1 person
Engine: Р-29B-300 by traction 11 500 kgf
Length: a 17.04 m
Wingspan: a 13.965(7.78) m
An wing area covered: 37.27(34.16) m2
Corners of change of sweep: 16v – 72v
Flight weight(normal) : 17 825 kg
High speed: 1810 km/h(M=1.7)
Practical ceiling: a 15 600 m
Distance of flight : 1810 kilometres(with PPB are 3100 kilometres)
Running approach/is a run: a 850/950 m
Armament: 6-barrel 30-мм cannon of GSh- 6-30, КR, КАB, RBC, bombs by gross weight to 4000 kg
Mass production: 1973-77 All is produced 360 airplanes MIG-23BМ.