Low-flying attack aircraft

Su-25 is the successor of the tradition of creating aircraft in direct support of infantry on the battlefield, was started by the famous IL-2. The Su-25 is equipped with two engines and strong armor, which makes it very resistant to anti-aircraft fire. This attack is able to pave the way for ground troops, dropping on the enemy for up to four and a half tons of bombs, rockets and hit him with fire 30-millimeter cannon. Such aircraft are still in the Air Force from 14 countries of the CIS, Europe and Asia.

First flight: February 22, 1975
Crew: 1 person.
Engines: R-95 thrust of 2 x 4300 kg
Length: 15.53 m
Wingspan: 14.36 m
Wing Area: 30.1 m2
Take-off weight (normal): 14 530 kg
Maximum speed: 970 km / h
Ceiling: 7000 m
Range: 750 km (ferry - 1850 km)
Takeoff / landing run: 550/600 m
Armament: twin 30-mm GSh-30 cannon (250 rounds), NAR, KR (X-25 X-29, R-60M), and RBC bombs weighing up to 4300 kg
Mass production: 1980-92 years. Total production in 1320 Su-25 all models