Frontline bomber

The Su-24 was created in the late 60's, and still remains the only supersonic bombers in the world. It also features a removable wing sweep. The crew of the machine up the pilot and navigator sitting side by side. The aircraft is capable of hitting targets in all weather conditions as conventional bombs and precision-guided munitions weighing up to 8 tons. The museum houses one of the first models of the Su-24.

First flight: February 2, 1967
Crew: 2 people. (Pilot and navigator)
Engines: AL-21F-3 rod 2 x 7800 kg (in afterburner - 11,200 kgs)
Length: 22.67 m
Wingspan: 17.638 (10.366) m
Wing Area: 55.168 (51.024) m2
Angles of change sweep: 16O - 69o
Take-off weight: normal - 32 300 kg, maximum - 39 700 kg
Maximum speed: 1,700 km / h
Service ceiling: 11,000 m
Range: 1,250 km (ferry - 3050 km)
Takeoff / landing run: 900/850 m
Armament: 6-barrel 23 mm cannon GSH-6-23 (500 rounds), KR (X-23MR, X-28 X-58, F-60), NAR, BAC, and RBC bombs weighing up to 8,000 kg
Mass production: 1971-83 years. Total production over 420 Su-24. Overall, the 1971-93 years. construction of about 1,200 aircraft type Su-24 all models