Combat-instructional fighter-bomber (C-52U)

Supersonic fighter-bomber Su-17 was the first Soviet serial combat aircraft with variable geometry wings. Su-17 and its export versions of the Su-20 and Su-22 strike aircraft at the heart of the Soviet Union and 12 other countries. From 1970 to 1990, was built over 1,200 of these machines. They have come a long way to battle - fought in Afghanistan, took part in local conflicts in the CIS, Asia and Africa. The latest models are still in the Air Force of Peru, and several NATO nations.

The museum exhibits single combat trainer version of the Su-17UM and its export version of Su-20.

First flight: September 1975
Crew: 2 people.
Engine: AL-21F-3 draft 9700 (afterburner 11 500) kg
Overall length: 18,868 m
Wingspan: 13.68 (10.025) m
Wing Area: 38.49 (34.45) m2
Angles of change sweep: 30 ° - 63o
Take-off weight: normal - 17 825, maximum - 18 800 kg
Maximum speed: 2230 km / h (M = 2.1)
Service ceiling: 15,400 m
Range (with SDS): 2500 km
Takeoff / landing run: 850/1150 m
Armament: 30 mm NR-30 cannon (80 rounds), NAR, KR, RBK, KMB,
bombs weighing up to 4,000 kg
Mass production of the Su-17UM: 1975-78. The total production of aircraft such as Su-17 all models (including export Su-20/22, during 1970-90 gg.): 1200 copies.