Air defense fighter

Fighter-interceptor Su-15 was created in the early 60s. He was the most massive air defense fighter aircraft of the USSR until the early '90s: from 1966 to 1980 was built around 1300 Su-15 all models.

The museum is its most advanced model - Su-15TM. This aircraft is capable of detecting targets at 70 kilometers, overtaking them at a rate of more than 2,200 kilometers per hour and hit the missiles at ranges of up to 24 kilometers. This is Su-15TM in 1983 shot down a South Korean "Boeing" over Sakhalin

First flight: September 1970
Crew: 1 person.
Engines: P 13-300 thrust 2 x 4100 (in afterburner - 6600) kg
Length: 22.03 m
Wingspan: 9.43 m
Wing Area: 36.6 m2
Take-off weight (normal): 17 200 kg
Maximum speed: 2230 km / h
Service ceiling: 18,100 m
Range: 1,250 km (ferry - 1700 km)
The run / mileage: 1100/950 m
Armament: KR "air-to-air" - 2 R-98M and 2 R-60M, 2 hanging containers with 23 mm cannon GSh-23L
Mass production: 1971-75. Total production over 450 Su-15TM. Total in 1966-80 years. built around 1300 aircraft of the type Su-15 all models