Attack helicopter

Attack helicopter MI-24D is a "flying fighting machine of infantry". The helicopter has powerful armament and armor and it can take on board up to 8 gunners. The landing force can fire on a flight through the windows of cabin. The crew consists of pilot and operator of weapon system. Under wings on the eight hanger units the machine can carry usual destruction arrangement (bombs and blocks of uncontrollable missiles) and high-precision controllable antitank missiles. These dangerous fighting machine is on the armament of armies of 35 countries, including 5 members of NATO.

First flight: 1972
Crew: 3 persons
Engines: TВ 3-117, 2 х 2200 h.p.
Length of fuselage: a 17.5 m
Diameter of bearing screw : a 17.3 m
Wingspan: a 5.47 m
Flight weight: maximal 11.500 kg, normal 11.100 kg
Maximal load: 2.400 kg(or 8 persons of landing)
Maximal speed: – 320 km/h., cruiser – 270 km/h
Ceiling dynamic: a 4500 m
Ceiling static: a 1300 m
Distance of flight: 600 kilometres(ferry are 1125 kilometres)
Armament: 12.7-mm 4-barrel machine gun of JAK-12.7(1470 charges), 8 PTKR "Falanga-PV", NAR, RBC, bombs bygross weight to 2000 kg
Mass production of MI-24D: 1973-77 only during 1970-89 yy. There are produced over 2550 helicopters of type of MI- 24: 240 MI-24A and V, 340 MI-24D and DU, over 1000 MI-24V, over 620 MI-24P, 25 MI-24VP, 160 MI-24RA, 170 MI-24K
They are on the armament of 35 armies.