Multi-purpose helicopter

Multi-purpose Ми-8 is the most widespread helicopter „ moderate" a class in the world - with 1965 it is let already out over 11 thousand these machines, manufacture proceeds and till now. It flies practically on all continents, is used as the militarian (in transport and with great dispatch-transport versions) and civil. Two versions of this car are presented to collections of a museum - civil Ми-8АО and militarian Mi-8T. In last it is possible to come, sit on seats of members of crew or in salon and even to be photographed behind a steering wheel of the pilot!

First flight: August 17, 1962
Crew: 3 people.
Engines: 2 TV-117AG, 2 x 1500 hp
Length: total - 25,244 m, the fuselage - 18.3 m
Screw diameter: 21.3 m
Take-off weight: normal - 11 100 kg, maximum - 13 000 kg
Cargo: 2000 kg (or 24-28 passengers)
Maximum Load: 4000 kg
Speed: maximum - 260 km / h, cruising - 220 km / h
Dynamic Ceiling: 4,500 m
Static ceiling: 1,800 m
Range: 850 (ferry - 1035) km
Mass production: from 1965 produced over 8200 Mi-8T/AO and Mi-8G.
Helicopters Mi-8T/Mi-8G operated by airlines and the air force more than 50 countries