Heavy transport helicopter

Heavy transport Ми-6 for the first time has risen in air in 1957 and up to the middle 70 was the most powerful helicopter of the world. It was capable to transport cargoes in weight up to 12 tone, or up to 90 person of a landing or two easy self-propelled guns. Interesting design feature of the car is availability of a wing which provided the way to fly up not only vertically, and and as the plane - with start.

The first flight: on June, 18th, 1957
Crew: 5 ppl.
Engines: D-25V, 2 х 5500 hp
Length of a fuselage: 33.165 m
Diameter of the bearing screw: 35 m
Scope of a wing: 15.3 m
Take-off weight: maximal - 44 000 kg, normal - 40 500 kg
The maximal cargo: in a fuselage - 12 000 kg (or up to 90 ppl. A landing), on an external suspension bracket - up to 8 000 kg
Speed: maximal - 300 km/h, cruiser - 250 km/h
Ceiling dynamic: 4500 m
Ceiling static: 2250 m
Range of flight: 620 km (ferry - 1250 km)
Arms: 12.7-mm machine gun А-12.7
Mass production: 1959-1980 of All it is let out 874 Ми-6 all models
Version Ми-6ВКП (Ми-22 - „ air КП ") is on arms with 1975