Light multi-purpose helicopter

Light multi-purpose helicopter Mi-2 has been created in the beginning of 60th years. A design Mile typical of machines - classical onerotor, with the steering screw and to two gas-turbine engines. It широко was used in armed forces (as coherent and transport-sanitary) and in civil aircraft (as passenger and agricultural). Nevertheless, most it is known as educational (for flight schools) and training (in DOSAAF) - practically pilots of helicopters studied in all to fly on it. The Mass production has been passed to Poland where at a factory „shvudnyk" with 1965 on 1992 are let out 5400 Ми-2 all models.

Modern model entitled "Falcon" is issued for army and the Ministry of Emergency Measures till now.

The first flight: on September, 22nd 1961
Crew: 1 ppl.
Engines: GTD-350, 2 х 400 hp
Length: full - 17.42 m, a fuselage - 11.4 m
Diameter of the screw: 14.5 m
Take-off weight (normal): 3550 kg
Cargo: 800 kg (or 8 passengers)
The maximal speed: 210 km/h
Ceiling dynamic: 4000 m
Ceiling static 1000 m
Range of flight: 350 km (maximal - 620 km)
Mass production: 1965-1992 of All 5418 helicopters of t
ype Ми-2 of all models are let out. The manufacturer - WSK "Swidnik" (Poland)