Wide-body passenger plane

IL-86 is the first soviet air-bus. It was created at the end of 70th for permission of passengers flow on the busiest lines of Aeroflot (for example, central Asiatic or summer routes to the resorts of Crimea and Caucasus). In his widest (over 6 meters by a diameter) fuselage it was possible to place to 350 passengers with a comfort. In 1981 year, 18 world records were set on IL-86. Now it was replaced by more modern IL-96 on regular flights. Presented in collection airplane with a number 86000 - is the first prototype of airplane.

First flight: on Decembers, 22 1976
Crew: 3-4 persons
Engines: NK-86, 4 х 13 000 kgf
Length: a 60.21 m
Diameter of fuselage : a 6.08 m
Wingspan: a 48.06 m
Anwing area covered: 320 м2
Flight weight(maximal) : 215 000 kg
Amount of passengers : to 350
Cruising speed: 930 km/h
Practical ceiling: a 12 000 m
Distance of flight : 3600-4400 kilometres
Running approach/is a run: a 2500/1220 m
Mass production: 1980-91 All is built 103 airplanes
Mass production:~ 1980-91 All is built 103 airplanes