Passenger airplane

Passenger airplane of IL-14 created at the beginning of 50th. This was the first valuable airplane in a civil aviation in the USSR, that had the pilotage-navigation equipment enhanceable comfort and reliability accomplished by that time. For example, he first could carry out flight even at the refuse of one of engines, and was equipped by the effective deicing system. A liner could transport from 24 to 32 passengers on distance to 1500 kilometres with voyage speed 350 kilometres on a hour. In 1952-58 of IL-14 produced in the USSR, GDR and Czechoslovakia. In all it was built near 3800 machines that flew in airlines and Air Force of a 31 country of the world. Due to reliability and management simplicity this airplane was widely used even in extreme terms - in the Arctic aviation.

Exploited in airlines and Air Force of a 31 countries of the world.

First flight: on July, 15 1950
Crew: 5 persons
Engines: АSh-82Т, 2 х 1900 h.p.
Length: a 21.31 m
Wingspan: a 31.7 m
An wing area covered: 100 m2
Flight weight(normal) : 16 500 kg
Amount of passengers : to 32
Cruising speed: 350 km/h
High speed: 431 km/h
Practical ceiling: a 7000 m
Distance of flight : 1500 kilometres
Running approach/is a run: a 470/500 m
Mass production: 1952-58 All is produced airplanes of type of IL-14 all models: in the USSR - over 3500, ГДР - 80, ЧССР - 203 copies.