Long-haul passenger airplane

IL-62 belongs to the second generation of soviet long-range liners. It was created at the beginning of 60th, and rather significantly differed from other airplanes of Ilushyn : had an arrow-shaped wing, T-plug plumage and four engines in tail part, that had a revers of traction for reduction of run during landing. He possessed the same by an economy and distance, as Il-18, took hard-over twice as much passengers, was more speed and comfortable, but had problems with reliability. Liners of IL-62 exploited on the most extensive routes: to the USA, Canada, on Cuba etc. These airplanes till now fly from Boryspil and enter in the complement of governmental squadron.

At this time in the first cabin located exposition, dedicated work of civil aviation navigator. It can be seen working papers, photographs, books and instruments that have been used.

First flight: on January, 03 1963.
Crew: 5 persons
Engines: NK-8, 4 х 9 500 kgf
Length: a 53.12 m
Wingspan: a 43.2 m
An wing area covered: 279.55 м2
Flight weight(maximal) : 161 600 kg
Amount of passengers : to 186
Cruising speed: 830 km/h
Practical ceiling: a 12 000 m
Distance of flight : 8 650 kilometres
Running approach/is a run: a 2250/900 m
Mass production: 1967-95 All is built: 85 IL-62 and 191 IL-62M.