Operational-strategic military transport plane

IL-76 is the most powerful military transport airplane of Ukrainian Air Force. Such machines transport our peacemakers to Iraq, Lebanon , and fly all over the world under the flags of airline company Ministry of Defensive. Exactly it's color carries a copy from the exposition of museum. IL-76 is the specialized truck airplane able to transport loads weighing to 40 tone(or 145 paratroopers) with cruising speed 750-800 kilometres per hour on distance to 7000 kilometres. For the rapid loading or unloading it's cabin is equipped by the special equipment - winches, telphers and other equipment. Through a wide fourfolding hatch in tail part the 1-2 armoured troop-carriers can ride into to the fuselage, fighting machine of infantry or two trucks.

First flight: on March, 25 1971
Crew: 7 persons
Engines: D-30CP, 4 х 12 000 kgf
Length: a 46.59 m
Wingspan: a 50.5 m
An wing area covered: 300 m2
Flight weight(maximal) : 157 000 kg
Maximal load: 40 000 kg(or 145 paratroopers)
Speed: maximal - 850 km/h, cruiser - 750-800 km/h
Practical ceiling: a 12 000 m
Distance of flight : 3600-7300 kilometres
Running approach/is a run: a 1700/900 m
Mass production: 1973-1995 All is produced over 950 airplanes of IL-76 all models.