Long-haul passenger airplane

IL-18 first rose in air in 1957. This first soviet turboprop airplane was not such rapid as its peer Tu-104, nevertheless it appeared surprisingly reliable and economical – it still has no rivals in economy of fuel. That is why a few machines fly till today in Air Force and on charter flights. There is the first serial model of this long-range passenger liner in the museum – IL -18А. An airplane has four propeller turbines with power of 4 thousand horsepowers each, and transports 89 passengers in the distance to 4800 kilometres with cruising speed of 650 kilometres per hour.

First flight: on July, 04 1957
Crew: 5 persons
Engines: АІ - 20, 4 х 4000 e.h.f.
Length: a 35.9 m
Wingspan: a 37.42 m
An wing area covered: 140 m2
Flight weight(normal) : 58 000 kg
Amount of passengers : 89
Maximal commercial load: 12 000 kg
Cruising speed: 650 km/h
Practical ceiling: a 9 400 m
Distance of flight : 4 800 kilometres
Running approach/is a run: a 1250/1000 m
Mass production: 1958-59 All is built 42 Ил-18А. In all it is produced airplanes of type of IL-18(all models, during 1958-78) : over 700