Regional passenger aircraft

Passenger jet airliner Yak-40 was created in the mid 60's for short (regional) airlines, which would replace the old piston aircraft. He took on board 32 passengers and transporting them to a distance of 1,800 kilometers at a cruising speed of 500 kilometers per hour. The absence of the Soviet Union made the engine power required designers to install as many as three engine AI-25. The aircraft was safe to operate, yet economical enough. In the years 1968-81 released in 1180 Yak-40, of which nearly three hundred more airlines flying in 18 countries.

First flight: October 21, 1966
Crew: 2 people.
Engine: AI-25, 3 x 1500 kg
Length: 20.36 m
Wingspan: 25 m
Wing Area: 70 m2
Take-off weight (normal): 16 100 kg
Number of passengers: 32
Cruising speed: 510 km / h
Ceiling: 8100 m
Range: 1,800 km
Takeoff / landing run: 715/750 m
Mass production: 1968-81 years. Total production in 1180 aircraft Yak-40 all models