Flight aircraft

Yak-18PM is a further development of the design was created in 1946, training aircraft Yak-18. Option SM (ie "aerobatic modified"), first took the air in December 1965, was created exclusively for the athletes - masters of aerobatics of the highest class. The machine was boosted motor was significantly improved and this gave the aerobatic properties, which allowed the Soviet national team in 1966 to win the title at the IV World Championships in aerobatics. Yak-18PM - it's pretty rare artifact, because the there were built only 30 of these aircraft. Several of them flew to Kiev club DOSAAF.

First flight: December 1965
Crew: 1 person.
Engine: AІ-14RF, 1 x 300 hp
Length: 8.35 m
Wingspan: 10.6 m
Wing Area: 17 m2
Take-off weight: 1100 kg
Maximum speed: 320 km / h
The vertical velocity of 10 m / sec
The range of accelerations: 9 / -6
Ceiling: 5000 m
Range: 400 km
Flight Duration: 1.5 hours
Takeoff / landing run: 140/130 m
Mass production: 5 aircraft converted from the Yak-18P in 1966, 25 released in 1970-1972.