Training aircraft

Front-line bomber Yak-28 was created in the late 50s and started a whole family of supersonic combat aircraft: reconnaissance, fighter aircraft of electronic effects, etc.Total in 1959-71 years was released in 1180 Yak-28 all models.

The museum houses a training version of the Yak-28U, which trained pilots for all of the above models. The machine has two equally-equipped cabin. The first student pilot-sit, and the second - the instructors one. This is the only one of nearly 200 extant built Yak-28U.

First flight: July 1962
Crew: 2 people.
Engines: R11AF-300, 2 x 6100 kg
Length: 20.02 m
Wingspan: 11.78 m
Wing Area: 32.25 m2
Take-off weight (normal): 14 565 kg
Maximum speed: 1,800 km / h
Service ceiling: 15,600 m
Range: 2270 km
Takeoff / landing run: 700/780 m
Armament: fotokinopulemet
Mass production: 1963-1969 years. Total production 183 Yak-28U. In 1959-71 years. 1180 built aircraft such as the Yak-28 all models