Assault Ship GDP

Ship Yak-38 attack aircraft was a single deck in the USSR military aircraft vertical takeoff and landing. It was based on Soviet aircraft carriers, which are all, without exception, have been constructed in Ukraine Nikolaev shipyard.
Yak-38 had an engine with rotary nozzles, which are in the mode of vertical takeoff and landing turned down, and two special hoisting engine. This first design was not very successful. Its flight and tactical characteristics were low, inferior to Western rivals, and the plane turned out not reliable: nearly a third of the park has suffered accidents and disasters. Therefore, quite fast in the early 90s, it was withdrawn from service.

First flight: February 25, 1972
Crew: 1 person.
Engines: MIT P-27B-300 kgf thrust of 6100, 2 TD-RD-36 35FVR thrust of 3050 kg
Length: 16.37 m
Wingspan: 7.02 (in the folded state - 4.45) m
Wing Area: 18.41 m2
Take-off weight (BB / CR): 10 300/11 300 kg
Maximum speed: 1210 km / h
Service ceiling: 11,000 m
Range (max): 1100 km
Armament: NAR, KR R-60M, X-23MIRBC bombs weighing up to 1,500 kg
Mass production: 1974-89 years. Total released 231 aircraft, the Yak-38 all models