Regional passenger plane

The first Soviet short-haul jet passenger liner Tu-134 have created the most popular „ a creative method " in Tupolev DB - maximal use of units from the previous design.

For this purpose all the sizes long Tu-104 have reduced by 20 %. Nevertheless, the first version of the car was unsuccessful - the plane has appeared inconvenient both for passengers, and for the attendants

It is interesting, that on creation of more successful model of Tupolev Nikita Khruschev has inspired: during visit to France it has done some flying by plane " Caravel ", and accommodation of engines in a tail part to it has very much liked - noise in salon practically was not felt.

Mass production Tu-134 passed too in Kharkov - in 1966-70 78 machines have been constructed. Tu-134 was the first Soviet plane certificated on the international norms летной of the validity. It and till now flies on many airlines in Ukraine and the CIS.

Two models of the liner are stored in an exposition of a museum - the third pre-series Tu-134 and serial Tu-134А.

The first flight: 1969
Crew: 4 ppl.
Engines: Д-30-ІІ, 2 х 6800 кгс
Length: 37.047 m
Scope of a wing: 29.01 m
The area covered: 127.3 м2
Take-off weight (normal): 47 000 kg
Quantity of passengers: up to 76
Cruiser speed: 750-850 km/h
Practical ceiling: 11 900 m
Range of flight: 1750-3000 km
Start/run: 1500/600-800 m
Mass production: 1970-80 Per 1967-84 852 planes of type Tu-134 of nine basic models (all in Ukraine, on ХАПО) are let out