Long-range missile carrier/bomber („45-02")

In days of « cold war » supersonic rocket carriers-bombers Tu-22М were intimidation of OTAN. These machines were "eurostrategic", i.e. capable to strike rocket blow on any object in the Europe from a considerable distance, not entering at all to a zone its air defence. In OTAN they have received the code name „ Bekfayr".

This powerful plane created in Tupolev DB in the end of 60th years, owing to a wing changeable стреловидности combined high supersonic speed (reached 1800 km at an o'clock) with significant range and a possibility to operate from rather short runways.

The first model - Tu-22М-0 - was armed only with one cruise missile and has been let out in 10 copies.

In the world it was kept only two Tu-22М-0 - in the State museum of aircraft in Kiev and in museum Monino in Russia.

Improved version Tu-22М-2 already was armed with three rockets Х-22 with range of flight in 450 km. These rockets could be equipped usual, antiradar or nuclear warheads. The rockets of model Х-22Н presented to expositions have been equipped by nuclear warheads capacity in 200 ktnn (ten times more, than a bomb dumped to Hiroshima). The plane could top on in air, therefore possessed in fact unlimited radius of action. In total 500 bombers of type Tu-22М of all models have been let out.

After reception of last production version of the plane - Tu-22М-3 - creation unique in the world „ Bekfayr"-collections - for memory to descendants about strategic power of the domestic Air Force which after disintegration of the USSR remained the second in the world on capacity will be completed.

The first flight: on May, 07th, 1973
Crew: 4 ppl.
Engines: НК-22, 2 х 21 000 кгс
Length: 41.46 m
Scope of a wing: 34.28 (25) m
Angles of variation sweep: 20о – 60о
Take-off weight (normal): 122 000 kg
The maximal speed: 1800 km/h
Practical ceiling: 12 600 m
Range of flight: 5100 km
Start/run: 2300/1450 m
Arms: 1-3 КР Х-22М, bombs in gross weight up to 24 000 kg, gun ГШ-23 coupled in the 23-mm, systems REB
Mass production: 1972-83 of All it is constructed 211 Tu-22М-2