Long-range anti-submarine plane

Anti-submarine plane of long-range action Tu-142МZ was the biggest one not only in marine aviation of the USSR, but also in the world: scope of its wings - almost 50 meters, and the general capacity of four engines - 60 thousand horsepowers! It is intended for search and destruction of submarines with nuclear rockets on open spaces of world ocean.

Occurrence of submarines with nuclear rockets has forced to develop means for their search and destruction. The most universal and mobile from them is the plane equipped by special complexes of tracking down and defeat.

Development of the first Soviet antisubmarine a complex of distant action has begun in the USSR in the beginning of 60th years on the basis of plane-scout Tu-95RtS.

The experimental copy for the first time has risen in air on June, 18th, 1968. And in December, 1972 the plane which has received index Tu-142, has been accepted on arms. Serial release has started on an aircraft factory in a Kuibyshev (nowadays Samara), and with 1975 its manufacture have transferred in a Taganrog.

The structure antisubmarine complex included search-and-targeting system (STS) "Golden eagle-95", search hydroacoustic bys which were developed in Kiev scientific research institute " Hydrodevice ", and means of defeat: antisubmarine torpedos, deep bombs, as well as marine mines.

System "Golden eagle" detected submarines on four channels: hydroacoustic (during a course on depth), magnetic and thermal (on small depth), as well as radar-tracking (on a surface of the sea). Nevertheless, sensitivity of its gauges was insufficient, therefore in 1975 "Kite" has been created modern version Tu-142М with STS. Such eight machines under index Tu-142 M-E (export) in 1986 have been put to Naval Force of India.

The most modern version of the car is Tu-142МЗ, the executed first flight in April, 1985. New STS „Zarechye" has allowed to lift fighting efficiency of a complex in 2-2.5 times. It has been accepted on arms in 1993 though manufacture has begun in 1990. Nevertheless, for the economic reasons production have stopped in 1994, issued only 18 machines.

Into structure of arms Tu-142М and МЗ have entered also antisubmarine missiles APR-2 and APR-3.

In 2001 the aircraft of Northern and Pacific fleet of the Russian Federation incorporated such 55 planes, and 2/3 from them were on preservation.

For communication with submarines on the basis of Tu-142МЗ in the beginning of 90th years plane-retransmitter Tu-142Mr equipped by long-wave radio stations has been constructed. 10 machines which are maintained on Northern and Pacific fleet of the Russian Federation are constructed.