Long-haul passenger plane

The main liner Tu-104 presented to expositions of a museum, - „ twice the first ": it not only the first Soviet jet passenger plane, but also the first serial sample. It is constructed in 1956 in Ukraine, on the Kharkov aircraft factory. It is uniform in the world the kept copy Tu-104 of the first set.

Tupolev DB has created the jet passenger plane on the basis of well mastered bomber Tu-16. From it practically without variations have taken a wing, a power-plant, plumage and the chassis . The fuselage, significantly wider and completely hermetic was new only. In 1956 the liner has left on passenger lines - for 2 years before the French and American competitors and advanced British "Comet".

Therefore Tu-104 it is considered the first-ever jet plane which without serious problems has begun regular passenger transportations. The motto of the then Secretary general of the CPSU of Nikita Khruschev "to catch up and overtake" with advantage has been executed, nevertheless, by road by: from a bomber it has inherited insufficient profitability, unsuccessful accommodation of crew and the limited possibilities of progress of a design. Therefore "104" it is fast enough, already in the end 70, has been removed from operation.

Liners Tu-104 flied on many internal and international lines. Longest of them was a line Odessa-Vladivostok where Tu-104 delivered 50 passengers for 17.5 hours. It was required to piston plane Il-14 to three times more time, and it could transport only 26 person.

The first flight: on June, 17th, 1955
Crew: 4-5 ppl.
Engines: АМ-3, 2 х 8700 кгс
Length: 38.85 m
Scope of a wing: 34.54 m
The area covered: 174.4 м2
Take-off weight (normal): 72 000 kg
Quantity of passengers: 50
The maximal cargo: 9 000 kg
Cruiser speed: 750-800 km/h
Practical ceiling: 11 900 m
Range of flight: 1750-3000 km
Start/run: 1700-2020/1450-1850 m
Mass production: 1955-56 of All 19 planes Tu-104 (all in Ukraine, on ХАПО) are let out. As a whole, during 1955-60 201 plane of type Tu-104 of all models is let out