Anti-submarine helicopter (PRODUCT "DB")

The first Soviet carrier-based helicopter Ka-25 was created in the early 60s. It comes in three variants - ASW, search and rescue and radio (for targeting missile cruisers). The six Ka-25 have been converted into "air-sweepers." These machines are distinguished in 1974 during the Suez Canal clearance. The museums one is the most common variant of the helicopter - Ka-25PL ASW.

First flight: May 21, 1961
Crew: 2 people.
Engines: GTD-3M, 2 x 1000 hp
Fuselage length - 9.64 m
Diameter of screw: 15.74 m
Take-off weight, kg: normal - 6970, Max - 7200
Flight speed, km / h: maximum - 220, cruising - 170
Service ceiling: 4,500 m
Flight range, km: Normal - 380, maximum (with SDS) - 520
Armament: one 450-mm torpedo PR, GA buoys, depth and marker bombs weighing up to 650 kg
Mass production: 1965-1972 years. Total production 460 model helicopters Ka-25PL, Ka-25TS and Ka-25PS

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