Deck ASW

The Ka-27 was created as well as first anti-nevertheless, he later became a multi-purpose. At least 10 of its variants are still in production.

The Museum copy of the Ka-27PL has significantly enhanced, compared with the Ka-25, the opportunities for anti-submarine warfare. He is able not only to detect them, but to destroy torpedoes or depth charges in the semi-automatic mode. The helicopter is part of the armament of ships of class frigates, including the "Hetman Sagaidachny" the Ukrainian Navy.

First flight: December 24, 1973
Crew: 3 people.
Engine: 3-117VK TV, 2 x 2225 hp
Fuselage length: 11.05 meters
Diameter of screw: 15.9 m
Take-off weight, kg: maximum - 12 000, normal - 10 600
Flight speed, km / h: maximum - 290, cruising - 230
Service ceiling: 5,000 m
Static ceiling: 3,500 m
Flight range, km: Normal - 760, maximum (with SDS) - 1000
Flight duration: up to 2 h 40 min.
Armament: one 450-mm torpedo PR, GA buoys, depth and marker bombs weighing up to 1,000 kg
Mass production: from 1979 were built more than 100 Ka-27PL. In general, issued 267 Ka-27 all models
Ukrainian Navy had six Ka-27PL

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