Light transport aircraft

AN-26 - the most common transport aircraft in the world. It was established in 1968 based on the An-24 and produced the Kiev factory "Aviant." During the 1970-86 period was built almost 1,400 aircraft AN-26 all models, of which 420 - for export. They are still flying in 37 countries (including five NATO countries). As of early 2001 were still in operation more than 1,100 of these reliable machines.

AN-26 is able to take on up to five and a half tons of cargo (or 40 paratroopers) and deliver them to a distance of 2,500 kilometers at any time, even in difficult weather conditions. The characteristic structural features of the aircraft is a large cargo hatch with folding ramp at the rear of the fuselage through which the operations of loading or unloading (or dropping cargo and paratroopers in the air), and a third (auxiliary) turbojet engine in the right nacelle.

Mass production: 1970-86 years. Total production in 1398 aircraft An-26 all models, of which 420 - to export. In 2001 there were in operation in 1168 An-26 (37 countries)

The plane passed out of the park to the museum of transport squadrons MIA.

First flight: May 21, 1969
Crew: 5 people.
Engines: THD AІ-24W, 2 x 2820 hp, DSU RU-19A-300 (900 kg of thrust)
Length: 23.8 m
Wingspan: 29.2 m
Wing Area: 75 m2
Take-off weight: Max - 24 000 kg, normal - 23 000 kg
Maximum sales load: 5500 kg
Cruising speed: 435 km / h
Ceiling: 7500 m
Range: 1000-2650 miles
Takeoff / landing run: 870/650 m