Regional passenger aircraft

The aircraft An-24 was the second most popular after the An-2 passenger aircraft manufactured in the USSR and the greatest series. During the 1962-79 period was built around 1300 AN-24 all models, including the 1028 - in Ukraine. Over 240 aircraft have been exported to 27 countries.

An-24 is designed for regional lines. This second-generation airliner with two turboprop engines replaced on the lines of Aeroflot piston aircraft, and the main parameters of traffic has increased twice as: Antonovskaya machine would take twice as many passengers (up to 52 people), and delivered them to two times faster, while operating from most of those airports.

AN-24 and still remains a major carrier in the passenger airline in Ukraine, CIS countries and China. Therefore, the aircraft in the museum is also the element of the training facilities of the National Aviation University - it carried out the practical work with future aviation professionals.

Mass production: 1962-79 years. Total production of aircraft An-24 all models in Ukraine - 1028, in Russia - about 150, in China - more than 110

First flight: October 20, 1959
Crew: 3 people.
Engines: AІ-24, 2 x 2550 hp
Length: 23.53 m
Wingspan: 29.2 m
Wing Area: 75 m2
Take-off weight: Max - 23 000 kg, normal - 18 000-22 000 kg
Number of Passengers: 44-52
Maximum sales load: 5700 kg
Cruising speed: 450 km / h
Ceiling: 8000 m
Range: 1000-2200 miles
Takeoff / landing run: 650/600 m