L-29 Dolphin


"A dolphin" was by first Czechoslovak air with TJE. It appeared exceptionally reliable, simple in aviating and service, and also well answered the requirements produced to the trainning airplanes. The far " of Dolphins" continues to fly and until now. After disintegration of the USSR there were over 20 such machines in Air Force of Ukraine, and a far was in DSAAF.

First flight: on April, 05, 1959
Crew: 1-2 persons
Engine: M-by a 701 traction 890(on a face value - 805) kgf
Length: a 10.81 m
Wingspan: a 10.29 m
An wing area covered: 19.8 m2
Flight weight: normal - 3364, maximal is 3604 kg
High speed: 625 km/h
Practical ceiling: a 10 900 m
Distance of flight : 710 kilometres(with 2х150 l of PPB - 920) of kilometres
Duration of flight : 1 h. 44 min(from 2х150 l of PPB- 2 15 min)
Running approach/is a run: a 650-650/530-600 m
Armament: НАР of Р- 57-4М, bombs weighing to 250 kg, machine fotopulemet of АSP-3МN/In
Mass production: 1962-1974 Producer: firm "Aero Vodochody"(ChSSR). In all the airplanes of type of L - 29 all models are produced:
The USSR in 1963-74 got 2650 airplanes of L - 29 " Dolphin" (from them in 1992 over 20 were in Ukrainian Air Force).

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