L-39с Albatross


L-39 „Альбатрос” пришел на смену L-29 „Дельфин” в 1972 году. L - 39 " Albatross" came on changing of L - 29 " Dolphin" in 1972. It is the Czechoslovak machine also, but with the Ukrainian engines of АI-25ТL, that was serially produced at the Zaporizhzhya motor-building plant(now propulsion MODULE "Мotor-Sych"). 

"An albatross" is by educational air of the second generation. From a predecessor he differs, foremost, by the universality, because provides all stages of educational process - from the first flight of pilot-student up to maintenance of skills of soldiery pilots on firing in mid air, to starting of rockets and throwing down of bombs. To the USSR in 1974-92 2080 airplanes of L were put - 39C " Albatross". Until now L - 39 remain base training machines in the aviation of the CIS, almost entire postosialist countries and many states of Asia, Africa, and also America. 

During disintegration of the USSR Ukraine got over 480 L - 39C, that is used for preparation of future soldiery and civil pilots and training of flying composition of battle regiments of ВВС. There is also the general Czech-Ukrainian-Israel project of modernisation " of Albatross" to the level of modern requirements, that is able to continue "flying life" of this remarkable machine yet, at least, on 10-15 years.

First flight: on November, 04, 1968
Crew: 1-2 persons
Engine: АІ-25ТL by traction 1650 kgf
Length: a 12.13 m
Wingspan: a 9.46 m
An wing area covered: 18.8 m2
Flight weight(normal) : 4470-4650 kg
High speed: 750 km/h
Practical ceiling: a 11 000 m
Distance of flight : 1350 kilometres
Duration of flight is maximal: 2 h. 45 min
Running approach/is a run: a 540/550 m
Armament: NAP, bomb weighing to 1000 kg, suspended container with the 23-мм cannon of GSh-23(180 charges).
Mass production: 1972-1998 All is produced airplanes of type of L are 39 all models: 2921 copies. Producer: firm "Aero Vodochody"(ChSSR)
The USSR in 1974-92 got 2080 airplanes of L - 39C " Albatross"(from them in 1992 over 480 were in of Ukraine).

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