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Scout and light bomber "Anatra-Anasal" went down in history as the first production aircraft, which was manufactured in Ukraine. It was created and produced the first of the former Russian Empire, a specialized aircraft building plant in Odessa, which was owned by businessman Arthur Anatra. The device of classical at that time biplane scheme first flew on July 27, 1916.

The crew consisted of two people - a pilot and observer-shooter armed with a machine gun. He also, if necessary, manually removed the bomb on the enemy.
Series production of "Anatra" began in the turbulent 1917, so his fate was turned out to be full of adventures. It's enough to tell that he had to make war under the flags of... as many as six states - Russia, the Ukrainian National Republic, Austria-Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. And this is without taking into account the use of the White and Red armies.

In total, in 1917-1918 there were over 350 "Anatra" airplanes built, but only one survived - in the Czech Republic. The Ukrainian Museum presented a full-scale mock-up, created in Odessa aircraft repair plant.

First flight: July 25, 1916
Crew: 2 people.
Engine: "Salmson" 1h150 HP
Length: 8.1 m
Wingspan: 11.42 m
Wing Area: 37 m2
Take-off weight: 1160 kg
Maximum speed: 144 km / h
Ceiling: 4300 m
Flight duration: to 3.5 hours
Time to climb to 1000 m - 6.7 min.
The run / mileage: 85/90 m
Armament: one 7.62-mm machine gun, bombs weighing up to 80kg
Mass production: in 1917-1918. at the Odessa plant A.A.Anatry built more than 350 aircraft.
Were in the armies of Ukraine, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary
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